How To Play World Of Warcraft Offline

Wondering how to play World of Warcraft offline? The game is a multi media online role playing game. It is breaching your World of Warcraft agreement to play it offline. You have to be playing in Blizzard’s That being said it is not impossible to play world of warcraft offline. Remember this may result in a ban of your account if caught playing offline but here is a guide that will help you to play world of warcraft offline. Just remember that it is punishable and Blizzard is consistently keeping track of the servers and what is going on.

  1. Start a LAN. This means start a local area network and this will allow you to set up a server to you to play on and have someone such as a sibling or a neighbor.
  2. Find the server. After the LAN is setup find the server.
  3. Instruct members. If you are playing alone this step is not for you. If you are having a few players to play with you instruct them where to find the LAN information and server. Something to remember is that a LAN will run over one modem so you cannot have too many players.

 Remember this is not something that you should do because Blizzard is very good at monitoring the activity that is happening with their games. World of Warcraft is meant to be played online but it can be fun if you have the right group of people together and you can achieve missions offline.  

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