How To Please Women In Bed

While you may in fact be good at it, you still would like a word from the experts on how to please women in bed. Perhaps by now you have learned that not all women are the same in bed and some are more insatiable than others. No worries; the suggestions below are universal ways to please all women.

  1. Show confidence. Women like men who know what they are doing, because this makes them feel good about themselves. Therefore, don’t show signs of nervousness while you are having sex, and never tell women things that make you look like you don’t know what you are doing. This may turn them off.
  2. Devour her body. Start of my softly kissing her lips and then going down to her neck, then hold her arm in your hand and kiss her from her shoulder all the way down to her hand like a gentleman. When you get to her hand gaze at her in her eyes. The key to pleasing women is by showing them that you value their precious body.
  3. Have a little foreplay. If you really want to sexually satisfy women, arouse them with four play. Women like sensual massages, and if you really want to put them the mood draw up some bath water and make out in the tub. This is your time to be creative and use your man tools.
  4. Know her body. Not all women get turned on in the same way and all women have different hot spots. If you really want to please your woman, you must know the anatomy of her body. This requires you to be extra alert during sex play. Pay careful attention to how she responds to different sex moves, and listen carefully to what makes her moan.
  5. Please her first.  Women can have multiple organisms back to back with out having to wait to be rebooted like their male counterparts. Take advantage of this while you are having sex with women. Make sure she has her multiple organisms before you drop your bomb on her.
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