How To Please Women With Vibrators

When it comes to adding toys to your sex life you may want to learn how to please women with vibrators. Vibrators that aren't used correctly might as well be not be used at all. Remember each woman is different so this is just for a basic idea of how to please women with vibrators. Some like them slow and some like them fast, it all depends on the woman you aim to please.

To please women with vibrators, you will need:

  • a vibrator
  • a willing woman
  • lubricant
  1. Finding the right vibrator. When wanting to please women with vibrators one of the most important steps is finding the right one. The right shape, size, speed, or other variation can make a huge difference from woman to woman. Some like the small bullet style vibrators that have speed variations while others may like the slim g spot vibrators that get straight to the point.
  2. The right spots. When pleasing women with vibrators hitting the right spots is important. Some woman can orgasm at the touch of the vibrator to their clitoris while others can bare the stimulation that the vibrations cause. Try different areas on the woman with the vibrator. The nipples, the thighs and the labia are great places to start until you figure out what spots work for her.
  3. How long? When pleasing women with vibrators you need to decide how long you want to use manual stimulation. Do you want her to orgasm from it or is it just foreplay to get her all wet and juicy? Or maybe it is even something early in the day to get her ready for the night. Give her something to think about and build tension for reciprocation for later.   
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