How To Please Your Wife

Want to know how to please your wife sexually? The more you know about foreplay, sex and female anatomy, the better she’ll feel, and the happier your marriage will be as a result. Plus, once you learn the sex tips below to help you please your wife sexually, she’ll be so impressed with your skills that she’ll want to reciprocate like never before!

  1. Don’t act like a caveman. Your wife most likely spends a lot of time and money to look good for you—think manicures and pedicures, sexy lingerie, spray tans, perfume and more—so when you paw at her like a Neanderthal without so much as an appreciative glance or nice compliment, it not only disappoints her, it’s a total turn off, too. If you want to please your wife sexually, start by admiring her and complimenting her beauty. If you love a certain part of her body, say so. If her new bra and panty set is sexy, tell her. If you’ve thought about her body all day long, or you’ve been fantasizing about the way she looks when you’re making love to her, say so! When you make your woman feel wanted, you also make her feel sexy, which also means she’ll start to act sexy. Enough said.
  2. Don’t forget the foreplay. Now that you know compliments and a vocal appreciation for your wife’s body and beauty will help to please your wife sexually, you need to work on foreplay. And no, two minutes spent fondling your wife’s breasts like a caveman (see above) does not count. Men get turned on instantly; women don’t. Your wife needs time to get aroused and foreplay will increase her desire and pleasure immensely. Kiss her slowly, tease her and pay attention to what she likes and dislikes. The signs of pleasure are easy to spot—listen to her breathing; if it’s getting heavier, she’s having fun. If she’s grabbing the sheets, scratching your back or moaning loudly, chances are you’re doing well. Oral sex is a great precursor to great sex, and it’s exactly what’s needed to please your wife sexually during foreplay. Remember, if you want your wife to perform oral sex on you, you need to return the favor enthusiastically.
  3. Don’t be shy. If you truly want to please your wife sexually, you can’t be afraid to ask her what she wants and what she doesn’t want. Communicate with her to ensure she is enjoying what you’re doing. Ask her to masturbate in front of you to get a better idea of what feels the best to her. A common problem for guys is not understanding female anatomy. And if you’re worried your wife is faking her orgasms, simply asking her to teach you how to please her sexually will eliminate that. All women want to have an orgasm, and the more you know about her body and how to please her, the better your odds are of getting her off every time. If you’re not exactly sure where her clitoris is, you’ve probably been rubbing the wrong spot all this time.  Open up the lines of communication by asking your wife to show you what she likes and exactly where she likes to be touched, and you’ll be blowing her mind in no time at all.
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