How To Pleasure A Girl By Licking Her Feet

Whether you are headed for your lady’s feet out of your own curiosity or hers, knowing how to pleasure a girl by licking her feet isn’t something all men find natural. Don’t worry. Simple treat her feet like you treat other parts of her: teasingly, lovingly, sexually. If you don’t trust your own instincts on how to pleasure a girl or just want some pointers on how to lick her feet, take a look at these suggestions for making your woman curl up her toes in ecstasy.

  1. Think sexy. If you’ve never fantasized about a woman’s feet, you may be at a loss as far as how to interact with them in a sexual way. Know that feet aren’t just fun for hardcore foot fetishists. Feet are highly sensitive and rarely touched, making them perfect spots to caress and lick. If your partner is the one into having her feet licked try getting turned on about licking her feet as something that brings her great sensation even if it doesn’t arouse you. Once you start, the sounds she makes will definitely turn you on.
  2. Think sexual. Tickling and rubbing are the two most common behaviors enacted on feet. Move past these actions and start thinking about her feet as a highly sensitive area of her body that you can give great sexual pleasure. Don’t be afraid to run your fingertips along her legs and rub the sole of her foot to get into the act, but don’t forget to make it sexual.
  3. Think forbidden. On top of being highly sensitive, feet also have the allure of being slightly forbidden. Restricted to shoes most of the time and not one of the more obvious sexual body parts, the naughtiness of feet can be a turn on for both you and your partner. In this vein, warm up with kisses along her ankles before licking her feet. Sensuality rather than rough sexuality is the way to go with feet.
  4. Think toes. Don’t be afraid to flick your tongue between her toes after you’ve warmed her up with kisses. Most women find a man licking her toes extremely arousing, especially when he has first begun using his tongue. Take it slow to extend the length of her pleasure. Wholeheartedly sucking on toes and licking feet isn’t out of the question when pleasuring a girl, either. Start with kisses and tentative licks and follow the sound of her moans.
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