How To Pleasure A Girl With Your Hands

Learning how to pleasure a girl with your hands can make public sex or general foreplay a new experience. Manual manipulation, or pleasuring a girl with your hands, is a skill well appreciated under the table of your favorite restaurant or in the corner at a party. Take the time to learn these skills for not only your partner's pleasure but your own.

  1. Find the erogenous zones. Before you can pleasure a girl with your hands, you have to learn which spots to touch. The vagina and the breasts are only two of the many spots that may arouse a woman sexually. The ears on some women are ultra sensitive to the touch. The neck and the belly button are also places to consider. Each woman also has body parts, such as thighs or the sides or her torso that cause arousal. Ask your partner, if possible where they like to be touched and what feels good to them. Search her body to find them if necessary. Watch her face for reactions as you explore.
  2. Brushing motions. To pleasure a girl with your hands, try a light brushing motion on her neck, ears, stomach and any other areas that turn her on. Very lightly brush the back of your fingers across the area. Barely make contact. This can extend to the breasts and vaginal area as the pleasuring progresses.
  3. Cup the breasts. Attempt to pleasure a girl with your hands by cupping her breasts. Hold each one from underneath in your hands. Apply gentle pressure and slightly lift. Progress to squeezing if the woman is receptive.
  4. Find the clitoris. To pleasure a girl with your hands, gently massage the clitoris. The clitoris is located in the upper region of the vagina under the labial folds. It is often described as a small button just below the top "V" of the vagina. Use only slight pressure and rub in a circular motion.
  5. Massage the G-spot. The last step in attempting to pleasure a girl with your hands is to find her G-spot. The spot is located approximately two to three inches inside the vagina. It will feel slightly rough, similar to the roof of the mouth. Rub with one or two fingers in a back and forth motion.
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