How To Pleasure A Girl With Your Tongue

Learning how to pleasure a girl with your tongue is an important asset for any sexually active male to strive for. The tongue is a fantastic tool to use on your woman to bring about other avenues of pleasure that differ in style and sensation from intercourse. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to go about utilizing your tongue in the pleasing of your woman; this article outlines some of the more popular ways to go about doing so.

  1. Try different things while making out. While making out with a member of the opposite sex, use your tongue to explore other areas of her body; specifically the neck. While running kisses down the side or back of her neck, gently push your tongue out and run the tip of it in the direction your mouth is moving for a little extra sensation.
  2. Use your tongue on her nipples. During foreplay, a fantastic way to pleasure a girl with your tongue is to give oral attention to her nipples. While laying gentle kisses around the nipple area on the breasts, take time to move up to the nipple directly and run your tongue around the outside. As the nipple becomes harder, there will be more surface in which to do this with and provide additional stimulation for her as a result.
  3. Oral sex. The single most efficient way to bring pleasure to a girl with your tongue is through oral sex. Perform oral sex semi-regularly during foreplay or simply prior to sex to get her juices flowing. Running your tongue around the area of the inner thigh to tease her or directly inside the vagina to stimulate the clitoris are sure bet ways to get her asking for more.

In all, the tongue is a very powerful tool in regards to sex. Learning how to pleasure a girl with your tongue is vital and ensures a man's sexual prowess and ability to please his partners. Whether during a make out session, foreplay or intercourse, the tongue is a viable supplement for each and every activity that pertains to sex and should be utilized regularly.

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