How To Pleasure Her Orally

Knowing how to pleasure her orally is a common theme in the bedroom. Many partners have no idea what they are doing "down there" and surprisingly enough, women know that many partners are clueless. It's a common complaint among women that oral sex isn't all its cracked up to be.

Things you'll need:

  • A willing partner
  1. Ice cream. Consider the vagina like an ice cream cone with a few of your favorite flavors. Start slowly. Women hate their vagina being attacked by a tongue. A woman wants to feel like her body is being appreciated. Start by slowly licking from her vaginal entrance up to her clitoris. Do this gently and purposefully.
  2. Massage with your tongue. Your tongue is a key player during oral pleasure. Move your tongue to her labia, suck them in and massage them with your tongue. Do this from one side to another.
  3. In and out. The tongue is the body's strongest muscle. It can do things that a penis never could. Use that to your advantage during oral sex! The tongue has natural lubrication because of saliva and can be used to explore inside her vagina. So thrust your tongue in and out of the vagina, creating a licking motion.
  4. Don't forget what's most important. The clitoris. While you are exploring and venturing in and out of her vagina, don't forget to occasionally pay the clitoris a visit. Give it a little suck, then release it for a moment. This will undoubtedly cause her body to stir during oral sex.
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