How To Pleasure Her

You are no expert on how women think, so you seek to know how to pleasure her. In order to do so, you will need to learn the thought process of the woman, and familiarize yourself with their desires and needs. The suggestions below provides universal rules and simple advice that you can incorporate in your relationship to please her.

  1. Be honest without divulging pity secrets that may negatively affect your relationship with her. For instance, if she asks you who is hotter, her or your ex-girlfriend, you always tell her that she’s more sizzling hot, even if it’s not an accurate reflection of how you really feel. You don’t want to lose your chances with her over a minor glitch or defect on your behalf.
  2. Consider the 3 nevers for appearance. Never tell a woman that she look fat, never asks a woman what size she wears in pants, and most importantly, never asks a woman what size she wears in shoes. Women take pride in their looks, and if you want to know how to get on their good side, do everything to make them feel that they are a goddess.
  3. Memorize her sexual handbook. Every woman has unwritten guidelines they abide when it’s time for sex play. A guideline could be that she never kisses on the first date, she only performs oral sex when she receives it, or that she doesn’t have anal sex until she is in a committed relationship. Familiarize yourself with her boundaries, and learn her sexual desires. You can do this by simply asking her, or testing to see how she responds.
  4. Do something nice for her. Show her that chivalry does still exist and that you do have a gentle side. Take her out to dinner. Or better yet, if you feel confident, cook her a delicious meal. It pleases women to know that there are good men in the world.
  5. Don’t talk about your sex life with her to your buddies. Especially if you are in an serious intimate relationship with her or plan to be, it is important that you respect her right to privacy. Women are pleased to know that their man is mature, responsible, and respectful.
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