How To Pleasure Yourself For Women

Learning how to pleasure yourself in front of a woman can produce many unexpected benefits like increased trust and intimacy. It can also be the cure for differing sex drives. She's not a morning person and you are? No problem. She may even let you cum on her stomach. If your goal is to get her involved just try a few of the following steps. They are sure to turn your viewing party into a interactive exhibit. 

  1. Have confidence. Masturbating with an audience can often reveal insecurities. Being confident in your self is important not only so you can finish but you will also get more enjoyment out of the experience. Self assuredness is a turn on and stage fright can make her feel less than sexy.  
  2. Give her a tutorial. Women don't have penises. Yes, that is obvious but it also means that she can't feel what you are feeling. As you pleasure yourself tell her what you like and don't like. Share your secrets so she can better her technique the next time she pleasures you. 
  3. If it's her "week off." Some women experience strong sexual desire the week of their period yet are uncomfortable having intercourse at this time. Pleasuring yourself in front of her will let her feel involved in your sex life while giving her the freedom to please herself in her own way. This shows respect and consideration.
  4. Super libido! Masturbation can be the answer to an overpowering sex drive. Giving your partner a break by pleasuring yourself can take the pressure off her and be a relief. She will probably thank you for taking matters into your own hands. 
  5. Get her in the mood. It's hard to not get turned on by someone pleasing them self. She may want to have sex once you start even if she refused your advances beforehand. This is human biology at work. If it's still a no, but she wants to get involved, ask her to rub your back or talk you through a fantasy.
  6. Build intimacy. Lie down next to your partner and face each other. Keep eye contact with her as you or both of you masturbate. This exercise deepens trust in a relationship in powerful ways. It is also used to assist couples after infidelities.
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