How To Plug A Bodyboard

Are you wondering how to plug a bodyboard? The area you choose to place the plug on your bodyboard is more about personal comfort than a "correct" place to attach the plug unless you have a stringer. Make sure your board is "standing" while plugging the bodyboard.

  • a heated screwdriver or an electric drill with a 3/8 bit
  • a bodyboard plug
  1. See if your bodyboard has a stringer. If the bodyboard has a stringer the plug can not be placed in the center of the bodyboard. Mount the plug two and a half to ten centimeters on either side.
  2. Mark the location of where you will plug the bodyboard. This can be done visually or with an instrument.
  3. Work from the bottom to plug a bodyboard. The heated screwdriver or electric drill should start at the bottom of the board working through to the top.
  4. Use the heated screwdriver or electric drill. If you are using the electric drill use the slow setting. If you are using the heated screwdriver heat it for a minute or two.
  5. Start perforating the board to install the plug on the bodyboard. Make sure you do not punch through the slick of the board. If using a screwdriver place your hand over the other side of the board until you can feel it. Slowly go through the board. Remove the electric drill or screwdriver. Now you have the hole for your plug on your bodyboard.
  6. Push the bottom part of the plug through. Push the top part of the plug through to meet the bottom part of the plug. There is no need to seal the opening around the plug on your bodyboard. A leash can be attached at this point, if desired.
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