How To Polish A Boat

If you've ever detailed a boat, inside and out, you needed to learn how to polish a boat to a high gloss gleam. A good boat polish will protect the boat from the corrosive elements of sun, sand and salt for a good five months or so. It's a lot of work, but, if you take pride in your boat, you must learn how to polish.

  1. Pick the right polish. Different boat exteriors require different types of polish. If your boat is gelcoat, purchase a good fiberglass polish to restore the shine to the entire gelcoated section. If your boat is a teak wood which needs polishing, select a high quality polish especially made to protect this very hard wood from the elements.
  2. Pick the right tool. There's a big difference between polishing an eighteen foot center console or polishing a fifty foot yacht. For the smaller boat, elbow grease and a soft rag might do but you should probably get that fancy buffer with buffer pad anyway. Don't even consider doing a larger boat just by hand. By the time you finish, it will be time to start over!
  3. Apply the boat polish. Polishing a boat is a lot like polishing a car. You'll apply the wax with a soft rag, right onto the dulled surface. It's easiest to polish a whole boat though if it's pulled from the water (called "on the hard") as it will be more stable and you can get to more of the side surface areas.
  4. Buff, buff, buff. Here's where that handy electric buffer can pull its own weight. Removing the wave, in circled motions, can be totally exhausting so an electric buffer can make your boat ready in no time.

Keeping a boat spic and span not only is best for the boat but it says that you take pride in your watercraft. Protecting a boat from the elements with a good polish is key to retaining its value.



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