How To Polish Brown Vintage Leather Boots

You've found the perfect pair of boots and now you need to know how to polish brown vintage leather boots? Don't worry, your boots will look great in a matter of seconds when you follow these simple guidelines. Vintage brown leather boots are very fashionable and with just a little polish and care they can look like new again.

What you will need to polish brown vintage leather boots:

  • Shoe cream
  • Soft cloth/applicator brush
  • Wax polish
  • Horse hair brush
  1. Make sure the vintage brown leather boots are completely clean and dry before attempting this process. If there is any dirt on the boots the polish or cream will not stick and absorb into the boots, making this process pointless.
  2. Rub shoe cream of the same color into the boots. Apply the shoe cream with a soft cloth or an applicator brush. Do not use your hands. Allow the cream to soak into the boots overnight; this will condition the leather.
  3. Lightly apply a wax polish with a cotton cloth or an application brush. Rub in a circular motion. Allow the wax to air dry. Don't use a heat source on leather because heat will cause damage to leather. The wax will protect the leather boots, so they will have a lot more wear to them.
  4. Use a horse hair brush to buff the boots to a shine. If you want a high shine, mist a clean cloth lightly with water and buff the boot. Hold the cloth from both ends and pull it rapidly back and forth over the brown vintage leather boots. Now that you know how to polish brown vintage leather boots, you should be ready for style.
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