How To Polish A Fine Guitar

Your guitar is a big part of who you have become, and so you'll want to learn how to polish a fine guitar, and keep your guitar looking its best. Here is a great way to polish your fine guitar and make it shine like a diamond.

  1. Polishing your fine guitar completely is a labor of love. Every time you play your guitar, your strings pick up dirt and grime from your fingers. Your fingerboard gets dirty under the guitar strings, as well as your guitar bridge and guitar neck. The best way to ultimately clean and polish your fine guitar is to replace your old guitar strings.
  2. Purchase a new set of guitar strings. As you remove each guitar string, you'll want to clean the areas under each string with a soft cloth and a household window cleaner. This will remove all of the dirt and grime without harming your fine guitar's finish.
  3. Pay special attention to the bridge and nut when cleaning and polishing your fine guitar. Once you have removed the first old guitar string and have cleaned under it, take a clean soft cloth with just a little olive oil or safflower oil on the cloth and polish the guitar with circular motions.
  4. Continue polishing in a circular motion until the guitar shines like a diamond. Replace the old string with a new string before you take off the second old string. This keeps uniform pressure on the neck of your guitar if you don't remove all six strings at the same time.
  5. Make sure you clean and polish your tuning keys also. This cleaning with window cleaner and polishing with a small amount of olive oil or safflower oil on a soft cloth will make your entire guitar shine like the sun while it protects every area's of your fine guitars surface including the neck and fingerboard.
  6. Cleaning and polishing your fine guitar and replacing the guitar strings was easy. Now you'll want to repeat this same cleaning and polishing process on the body of your fine guitar. Clean and polish the back of your guitar along with the sides of your guitar and the back of the neck of your fine guitar.

Congratulations on having your fine guitar cleaned and polished and shining bright. Now you'll want to store your fine guitar in a nice guitar case to keep it dust free. 

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