How To Polish A Motorcycle

Riders can't keep their motorcycle in top condition if they don't know how to polish a motorcycle. Keeping a motorcycle waxed and polished protects the vehicle from road grime and the weather. However the main reason to polish a motorcycle is it makes the motorcycle look great!

To polish a motorcycle, you need:

  • wax/metal polish
  • micro-fiber towels
  1. Start with a clean motorcycle. You can not put wax or polish on a dirty motorcycle. Make sure the motorcycle is dry after the cleaning so water doesn't mix with the polish which would diminish the final outcome.
  2. Pick a section of the motorcycle to polish. Start at the top and work down. Don't get wax or polish on the leather or rubber sections. Working in small sections makes it easier to get every spot without missed patches.
  3. Use a clean dry towel to apply polish or wax onto an area in a circular motion. Don't apply too much. Rub an area until it is covered.
  4. Let that section dry and move to another section. Do this until the entire motorcycle has been touched.
  5. Go back to the first section and use a fresh clean towel to wipe off the polish/wax. Turn the towel frequently as you rub the motorcycle down, get a new towel if you need to.

If you drop your application towel or the removal towel, use a new one. When you drop the towel it can pick up grit from the floor or ground. That grit will make fine scratches on the motorcycle if you use it to rub.

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