How Polish Nike Cuff Watches

If you need to know how to polish Nike cuff watches, then you can use your cuff watch when playing sports or wear it in your normal routine while effectively maintaining its freshness. Nike cuff watches are special products from Nike for sporting activities like tennis, cycling, squash and so on. It is a simple and effective concept: a digital time and date display on a replaceable sweat band.

To polish a Nike cuff watch, you will need:

  • A polishing cloth
  • Polishing paste
  • Baking soda or vinegar
  • Oil
  1. Remove the cuff from the Nike watch. Wash it in a washing machine while you polish the watch portion. Wipe off all the dirt from the watch by simply rubbing it with a silky paper.
  2. Determine the metal content and depth of any scratches in order to figure out the procedure and intensity of polishing. Nike cuff watches usually have a mixed alloy structure, which is not that hard and does not get too many scratches. It is easy to polish with fewer tools.
  3. Now use baking soda or vinegar to remove tough stains of dirt or pigmentation to polish the cuff watch. These Nike watches are designed to be waterproof because they are usually worn under sweaty conditions. Therefore, the liquidity of a weak acid will not cause any problems.
  4. Apply the polishing paste all over the watch and use a polishing cloth, like leather, to rub on the paste. Your rubbing should be gentle and in a circular motion in order to prevent any abrasions. Then rinse it off with water to finish polishing the cuff watch.
  5. Dry it with a clean and smooth cloth. Apply a little oil to get the shine of the watch back. Again, use a dry, smooth cloth to remove extra oil and rub the watch softly. Reattach the cuff to the watch to make it look ready to wear and good as new.
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