How To Polish Out Scratches On A Titanium Watch Band

Here are instructions for how to polish out scratches on a titanium watch band. Titanium is a soft metal but when mixed with alloys, it's as hard as stainless steel. With a little care and some easily mastered skills, you will find yourself able to do the job yourself.

To polish out scratches on a titanium watch band, you will need:

  • A scratched titanium watch band!
  • A low-speed Dremel tool. The maximum rpm for polishing a titanium watch band is 6000. The less expensive Dremels have speeds ranging from 10 to 10,000 rpm. Used at the medium speed, they're fine for polishing the watch band. The speed you'll want to use is between 600 and 6000 rpms, so using a less powerful Dremel is preferable to a heavy duty model.
  • One inch polishing felt wheels for the Dremel. These are available at any store that sells jewelry supplies.
  • One inch Cloth, chamois, or muslim polishing wheels. The softer the material, the higher the shine on the titanium watch band.
  • Polishing rouge sticks. Polishing rouges are a soft, slightly abrasive material used to aid in polishing the titanium watch band. You can purchase two or three of different abrasive qualities at the jewelry supply store.
  • A soft cloth
  1. Turn the Dremel on to a slow speed, around 600 rpm. Cut into the least abrasive polishing rouge stick so that the material is attached to the polishing felt wheel on the Dremel. The force of the spin will melt the material onto the head. Starting off with the least abrasive rouge will allow you to polish out scratches on a titanium watch band without using more force than needed. Speed the Dremel up slightly only as needed until you reach a maximum speed of 6000 rpm.
  2. Lightly touch the spinning Dremel to the titanium watch band. Starting at a low speed will again allow you to only use the force needed to polish out scratches.
  3. Buff lightly with a soft cloth.
  4. Repeat steps one to three until the titanium watch band is gleaming.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the finish, clean the band with a damp cloth to get rid of any rouge residue.
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