How To Polish Sailboat Fiberglass

Need to know how to polish sailboat fiberglass? Polishing your sailboat fiberglass will help keep you happy both with the look and performance of your craft. What does polishing have to do with performance? Resistance, or the lack thereof, is what! The better polished the sailboat is, the smoother and faster it will sail through the water. Who doesn't want their boat to go faster? Thought so! To polish sailboat fiberglass to its highest sheen, you will need the appropriate materials. Please note that this is the process from stripping to polishing. To polish without stripping, simply skip the first  steps.

To polish sailboat fiberglass, you will need:

  • Stripper buffer
  • Rough buffing compound
  • Fine buffing compound
  • Buffing pads
  • Marine wax
  • 100% cotton cloths
  1. Strip the surface. Use the stripper to remove all surface debris and old wax.
  2. Buff out scratches and flaws. Use the rough buffing compound to buff out all the fine scratches and other small flaws that need to be removed before you polish your sailboat fiberglass.
  3. Buff to a shine. Change buffer pads and use the fine buffing compound to buff the sailboat fiberglass to a high gloss shine. This will remove any rough buffing compound that may be left on the surface and print the coating to a high shine.
  4. Wax the fiberglass sailboat. The last step to polishing the sailboat fiberglass is to wax the sailboat with a marine wax. It's important to use wax that is made for marine activities because it may be resistant to the effects of saltwater and not harmful to the aquatic environment. Restore the wax every few weeks to keep your sailboat smooth and polished!
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