How To Polish Watches

Knowing how to polish watches on your own can save you a lot of money and or potential aggravation. You see jewelers tend to charge a fee to polish watches, but if you attempt to polish watches without proper instruction you can ruin them. Fortunately,  you can forgo a professional cleaning and polish watches at home, you just need to know what to use and how to use it before doing so. 

To polish watches at home you need:

  • Two bowls
  • Dish soap
  • Baby toothbrush
  • Lint free polishing cloth
  1. Remove the watch face from the watchband. If you cannot remove the face from the band you will need to be very careful when polishing your watch, so you don not damage the mechanisms. 
  2. Fill one of the bowls with warm, soapy water. Place the watchband in need of polishing in the bowl with the hot soapy water.
  3. Leave the watchband to soak for a few minutes if it is mildly tarnished. Leave it soak for three hours if the tarnishing on the watch band is heavier. 
  4. Scrub the watchband while it is still in the hot soapy water, using a soft bristle, baby toothbrush. This will help lift away any tarnish that hasn't soaked away.
  5. Place the watchband in a bowl of clean, cold water to rinse it.
  6. Remove the watchband from the bowl of clean water and dry it completely with a soft lint free cloth. Reattach the face of the watch and wipe the front and back of the watch face with a dry lint free cloth. 
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