How Is Polyester Fleece Made?

How is polyester fleece made? A material that no one knows how it is made is polyester fleece. Polyester fleece is that fuzzy and rather soft fabric that is usually used for things like sweaters, sweat shirts, mittens and blankets among other things. Polyester fleece is a material that has a layer that is composed of cut fibers, which is rather similar to something such as corduroy and even velvet. Polyester itself was created in the 1940's and was created by a British scientist who was continuing the work of chemists that were at the Du Pont Laboratories.

The material of polyester is made by reacting terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. When the acid and the glycol are combined at a very high temperature, they then form together and become a new chemical that is then known as a polymer. Polyester itself is one of the compounds that are known as polymers. When the polymer cools, then it becomes a rather thick syrup like liquid. Once it hits that point, the liquid is pushed through really tiny holes in a metal disk that is known as a spinneret.

After the polymer is pushed through the holes, it then comes in contact with the air. The air contact causes the liquid to harden and to dry. This type of crystalline structure of the polymer used to be known as terylene in England. Du Pont then gained exclusive rights in 1946 to the polymer. Once they gained the rights to it, the name became changed to polyester. The polymer that is used for polyester is also used in things such as plastic as well.

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