How To Pop Ears After Flight

Travel is a rewarding experience, but  tends to accrue annoyances, especially if you don't know how to pop ears after flight. Improper accommodations, delayed flights, and late buses eventually fall by the wayside upon beholding a spectacular view or exploring a city that few have explored. Nonetheless, ear problems during flights tend to be uncomfortable and lead to stress and irritation. Luckily, one of these problems is easily fixable. Here's how to pop ears after a flight.

Supplies you might need:

  • Snacks
  • A tissue
  1. Accept snacks. Those snacks that the flight attendant brings might clutter your space and be an annoyance when you're not hungry, but they do serve an alternate purpose. They get your jaws and mouth working, which often is an easy fix to pressure buildup.  Often, the chewing and swallowing motions alone are enough to pop your ears after a flight. This prevents you from having any problems after the flight.  So take those snacks and have a soft drink, and your ear problems are almost sure to vanish!
  2. Yawn. After the flight, give a long, deep yawn. Not only will it relax you after a long flight, but it stretches out the muscles in your jaws, releasing the pressure buildup in your ears, allowing you to pop your ears.
  3. Blow your nose.  An easy remedy to pressure problems is blowing your nose. This works in a different way, rather than working out your jaws.  Instead, the blowing motion clears your sinuses and releases pressure throughout your face.
  4. Stop up your nose and gently blow out.  This is an old scuba diving trick that works while under the water. Use your fingers to stop up your nose, and very gently blow out your nose. Since the air cannot go out through your stopped up nose, it has to be released somewhere else.  This usually ends up unstopping your ears. But be warned: you don't want to do this violently, as it could cause damage in your inner ear. Be very gentle when doing this, and only try this after the other measures have not succeeded.


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