How To Pop Skateboard

Learning how to pop skateboard starts by learning how to do a series of tricks. The term “pop” is a simple process of kicking the board up with your trailing foot on the heel of the skateboard. The pop on a skateboard is this motion followed by another activity, which makes it a trick. This article will look at how to pop a skateboard but will add the next step, how to follow the pop with a simple trick. Leaning how to pop a skateboard is a test of balance and control. Popping a skateboard is a fun kick-off to a series of easy to increasingly difficult tricks.

Tricks are the main attraction to skateboarding for many people. Learning how to pop will take you in the right direction of getting this accomplished. Continue on and learn how to pop on a skateboard.

This you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • Skateboard gear
  • Flat surface to skate

How to pop on a skateboard:

  1. Start with a walking start, laying the board down as you go. Place your lead foot just behind the front truck screws. Place your tailing foot on the heel. Only the front part of your foot needs to be on the heel.
  2. Moving forward, bend at the knees and jump. As you do, your tailing foot should push down slightly on the heel of the board. This will cause it to kick or “pop” upward. This is how to pop a skateboard.
  3. However, let’s take it a step further and fold in a simple trick. This trick is called “pop shove it (or shuvit).” As you are popping the skateboard with your trailing foot, sweep it to the right or left. The board will spin one hundred and eighty degrees. Land and stick the trick.
  4. This trick is one of the simplest coming off a pop. Since you are popping anyway and still have to come down on the board, why not spin it once to add a little flair.
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