How To Post Up In Basketball

Especially for big men, learning how to post up in basketball is a valuable basketball skill to have.  Posting up is essential for centers and power forwards, yet all players can do so if they are comfortable in the post.  Take the following areas and steps into account to be able to post up.

  1. Get inside position.  Before you can execute any post moves, you must first get position and receive the ball.  Try to get position as close as you can to the paint; if you can get in the paint, this is very good.  Unless you can get up to the rim (or close) or receive the ball behind your defender, allowing your defender to face you up is not good (meaning that he is in front of you, in between you and the passer).
  2. Receive the ball.  The other part is receiving the pass.  The pass will normally be a bounce or lob pass.  In either case, you must make sure to seal off your defender.  Don't allow him to get around you or reach in to try to disrupt the pass.
  3. Work on back to the basket post moves.  You can keep your back to the basket or face up in the post; becoming comfortable in both would be preferable.  Practice and perfect your moves, such as the spin move, turnaround jumper, or hook shot.
  4. Work on facing up post moves.  You can also choose to use post moves when facing your opponent.  Having a good jumper and quick first step can be devastating.  Work on stretching your defender with a good mid-range shot and quick moves to drive to the basket.



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