How to Post A Link On Twitter

Maximize your Twitter experience by learning how to post a link on Twitter. Twitter provides a very simple way to promote your business, product, or yourself, by posting short 140 character messages, called 'tweets'. By learning how to post a link on Twitter, you can include these links in your tweets and share news stories, drive traffic to your website, and much more.

How to post a link on Twitter:

  1. Log in. Before you can learn how to post a link on Twitter, you will need to log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Copy the URL. In a separate tab, find something that you would like to share with your Twitter followers. This can be anything you want others to see. Once you find it, copy the URL. The URL is the web address, which will take people to what you want them to see. It is located at the top of the page, and will typically begin with 'http://". Copy the entire URL.
  3. Type your Twitter message: Before you can post a link on Twitter, you'll want to let your followers know what the link will take them to. Thus, you'll want to type in a Twitter message on your home page. For example, if you're posting a link to a story about the stock market, type a quick Twitter message saying something like, "Stock market tips", or "New stock market information". 
  4. Paste the URL. Now you will want to paste the URL immediately behind the Twitter message you typed. Since only 140 characters are permitted on Twitter, you may have to shorten the URL. You can do this by searching for a website that will shorten the URL for you, and give you a new code.
  5. Send your 'tweet'. The last step in learning how to post a link on Twitter, is to double-check your entry. Once you make sure that your message and link have been properly inserted, you are ready to send your 'tweet' out for your followers to find. Go ahead and click the 'tweet' button.

Now that you have learned how to post a link on Twitter, you can begin sharing information from all types of sources. If you own a business, learning how to post a link on Twitter can really help increase traffic, and bring in more revenue. If you have a busy lifestyle, learning how to post a link on Twitter can provide a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family.



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