How To Power A Car Amplifier In your Home

Want to know how to power a car amplifier in your home? You may need to do this to check the efficiency of the amp before you place it inside your car. Below you will learn how to power up a car amplifier while inside your house.

To power a car amplifier in your home, you will need:

  • A power supply
  • Audio speakers
  • A Phillips screw driver
  • Wire strippers
  1. Plug in your power supply unit to an electrical socket. After that, make sure that the power supply itself is on by turning on the switch. You should see a light indicator that shows that the unit is on.
  2. Connect the audio wires from the supply to the car amplifier. Attach the power wires (red and yellow wires) to the (+) section of the supply unit. After that, attach the ground wire (black wire) to the (-) section of the supply unit. Attach the other ends of these wires to the corresponding (+) and (-) areas of your car amplifier. You will also need to connect a separate (+) wire from the supply to the "remote" section of the amplifier.
  3. Check the amplifier to see if it is working properly. If the indicator light on your amplifier is not green, you either hooked up the amp improperly or there is something wrong with the amplifier you have. Another thing to check for is short circuiting from the amplifier; when amplifiers begin to go bad they will short circuit. You will know because the amp will heat up abnormally and will start to smoke. It may be a good idea to initially power up the amplifier outside your home in case of an accident.


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