How To Power External Speakers On My Television

Learning how to power external speakers on your television can increase the enjoyment value invested in watching your favorite movie or the big game! Powering external speakers is easy to do with a little patience and a basic understanding of how your speakers work. Having external speakers for your television can increase the uses for your television and can be the finishing touch on that dream stereo surround system. If you think you’re ready to get to work, than take a look at the list of items you’ll need to accomplish this task.

To power your external television speakers, you’ll need the following items:

  • External speakers w/ electrical connection
  • Television
  • Wiring w/ a speaker connection
  • Electrical Tape
  • Knife
  • Electrical outlet


  1. Check out your speakers. The first step to powering up your external television speakers is to take a look at your external speakers. Your speakers should have an outlet in the back that serves as their power source. If they don’t, you’ll need to purchase a set of external speakers that have this power source. Most external speakers come with this outlet in the back, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Once you’ve determined that your speakers have a power outlet, you’re ready to move onto powering your external speakers.
  2. Run your wires. The next step to powering up your external television speakers will be acquiring wiring that will run from your speakers to a power source. Don’t be an idiot and use untreated, copper wiring please, let’s not burn down your house! Make sure to use coated wire that has a connection which will fit the back of your speakers. This connecting piece can be bought almost anywhere, just make sure that it fits the back of your speakers. Connect this piece with your wiring by splicing your wire with a knife. Connect the wires to the wires that run from your connecting piece in the back of your external television speakers. Use electrical tape to tape up any exposed copper wires; a great way to prevent electrical fires!
  3. Hook your speakers up. After the connection between your wires and speakers has been made, run your wire to your power source. Splice your wires and your outlet connecter the same way that you did for your wires and connecter for your speakers. Splicing wire isn’t that hard, just cut a little at a time with your knife and always use electrical tape to seal up your connections. If you don’t use electrical tape, when you go to turn on your speakers the copper wiring will heat-up and burn any surfaces near it. Once you’ve connected your wire to your outlet connecter, plug in your speakers and check to see if they work.

A common issue that many beginners run into while splicing wires from one device to another is simply how to do it. All you need to do is cut a little of the excess wire off and wrap the copper ends around each other. If your speakers don’t work, unplug your speakers and check your connections. These areas are usually the first to troubleshoot, but don’t be afraid to carefully check all of your wiring. Sometimes this wiring can get smashed during projects and will need to replaced. The best tip for working with wiring is to make sure that you use safety, do not have any of these items plugged in while checking the connections! Now get out there and enjoy your new external television speakers!

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