How To Power Serve On Nintendo Wii Tennis

Have you been wondering how to power serve on the Nintendo Wii Tennis? Maybe you want to take your friends or opponents by surprise with a power serve. Perhaps you want to show off that you know how to do this hidden trick from the Wii Sports game. It will take a lot of patience and missing serves to learn how to do the power serve. After it is master it can be a powerful weapon in beating friends and family at Wii Tennis.

  1. Practice serving the ball. To be able to learn how to power serve one will first need to know how they serve regularly. It is important to note the timing of your hand motion to the mii's action. Practice serving several times until you are completely comfortable with the serve.
  2. Time hitting the tennis ball at the very top of the toss. Practice hitting the ball at the exact time that the ball hits the highest point of the toss. This is what makes the power serve successful. It will take a lot of practice to master just when to hit the ball. If the ball is hit too early or to late it will just be a regular serve.
  3. Keep practicing over and over. It will take a lot of repeated practice to get the timing of the serve just right. Try playing on the guest mii's if you don't want to advance further on a specific mii. After the serve has been mastered it will just be a matter of repeating the serve numerous times to get your body accustomed to it.

The wii power serve in tennis is a tricky serve to learn. If it's not done at the exact moment the ball hits the highest point then it will just be a regular serve. Chances are that every serve will not be a power serve, but with enough practice a majority of the serves can be power serves.

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