How To Powerslide On A Skateboard

If you want to learn how to stop fast on a skateboard, then you need to learn how to powerslide on a Skateboard. A Powerslide is the fastest way to stop on a skateboard, but one of the most difficult stops to learn. It takes lots and lots of practice and determination to learn how to do this. The powerslide is for more experienced skaters who are already comfortable riding on their skateboards. Powerslides work great when you need to do an immediate stop, whether it is for an emergency or just for fun and style. Here is what you need to learn in order to powerslide on a skateboard.

  1. Skate at a fast speed. In order to powerslide you cannot ride slowly, you will need to ride at a fast comfortable pace.
  2. Position your feet. Place one foot at the tail of the skateboard and place your other foot at the nose of the skateboard.
  3. Slide your back wheels. Shift most of your body weight to your front foot while pushing the board with your back foot. Slide the rear wheels around ninety degrees along the ground and swing your body hard to assist in completing your turn. Your skateboard should be horizontally underneath you.
  4. Slide the board along the ground until you come to a complete stop. You will stop as your speed is worn down in the slide.
  5. Practice the powerslide to perfect your stop. Practice maintaining balance while you powerslide on your skateboard. You may fall a few times or not land correctly. In the end of your powerslide you want to end your slide standing up with good balance.
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