How To Practice Celibacy In Marriage

There are perhaps many reasons to learn how to practice celibacy in marriage. Maybe you are abstaining for a short period of time to create a more intimate bond later, or maybe it is a vow both you and your partner have made to one another. No matter what the reason is, keep in mind that practicing celibacy in marriage is not going to be easy.  Not only is marriage is one of the last forums where a person can have guilt free sex, but there is also that bond of love and connection that makes the sex so much better. So, when you are attempting to practice celibacy in marriage, keep a few of these tips and hints in mind. 

  1. Lay down the ground rules. You have to define what celibacy in marriage means to you. Is it absolutely no physical contact, or maybe kissing and holding are fine. Some couples consider themselves celibate as long as there is no vaginal penetration. Knowing what is expected of you before hand can greatly increase your success rate. 
  2. Keep it PG. Sex can be very tempting, especially for a married couple. So, avoid temptation by knowing what turns you on. If a long make out session makes you want to penetrate her, then do not make out with her. Knowing you limitations can help you successfully practice celibacy in marriage. 
  3. Take out your aggression on extraneous hobbies. If you plan on practicing celibacy in marriage, then keep in mind that there are going to be many tense and sexual filled moments where your frustrations can get the better of you. You can avoid this by taking up a hobby with the purpose of relieving your frustration.  So maybe take up hunting, running, or tennis. Slamming your hand in the door is also fairly effective. 
  4. Sleep in different beds. Of course the most tempting time will be during those long night hours. Things may even happen when you are sleeping and your unconscious takes over. So to avoid the temptation when you are lying next to the woman you love, try sleeping in different beds. This will greatly increase the chances of your success when you practice celibacy in marriage. 
  5. Get really fat and out of shape. If neither you are sexually desirable, then your chances of being turned on sexually will decrease. In fact, over eating and inactivity are some the most common reasons couples practice celibacy in marriage. 
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