How To Practice Freestyle BMX

Learning how to practice freestyle BMX is all about letting loose. Learning to free style on a BMX bike is a fun proposition. Freestyling on a BMX bike is just that, free, meaning that you can do what you want when you are learning to freestyle on a BMX bike. Learning to freestyle on a BMX bike takes imagination and plenty of ideas. This means that you can take it to your personal limit. BMX is a great sport that can individually showcase a person's talent and can be loads of fun. Freestyle leads to new tricks and badass moves that only you can come up with. Learning how to freestyle on a BMX bike is outlined below. Take it how you like but put in your own style.

What you will need to do your own freestyle:

  • BMX bike
  • Place to freestyle
  • BMX biking gear
  • Friends to enjoy it with

How to practice freestyle BMX:

  1. Start of by riding around, getting loose and being in a good mood. No pressures here, none at all. It is about what you want to do. Start off small, bunny hops, wheelies and maybe a wall tap.
  2. Do a few traditional tricks. Then, add a twist to it and make it your own, a bar spin off a wall tap for example. Do something unique that comes natural for you. No pressure here, remember. This is personal style and personal choices.
  3. Continue to try new things. Think on the fly. Don’t think at all, just do. Let your mind go and play along with your mood. You will be surprised with what you will come up with. This is freestyle, doing things freely, doing things that just come.


Always wear your gear.

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