How To Practice Kissing By Yourself

It sounds like an '80s teen movie, but here's how to practice kissing by yourself. Well, when you don't have a girl to practice on, it makes since to practice kissing by yourself. Kissing by yourself is easy. Just make sure no one walks in on you. They'll definitely laugh if they catch you kissing by yourself. So, find a room, and shut the door, because school's in session. Today you're going to learn how to practice kissing by yourself. When you wow your next girlfriend with your superb tongue action, just remember where you learned it from. Not from some crappy porn. Not from some self-help book. You learned it right here. Here's how to practice kissing by yourself.

What you need:

  • mirror
  1. Your mind set. Now looking into a mirror and kissing yourself isn't going to work. It's just not. Leave that TV movie crap at home. The first step to practice kissing is to understand what a kiss is. You kiss is like bait. You throw it out there to reel her in. But you have to let her bite. Overzealous kisses usually end up very bad… Unless of course it's the woman that's acting overzealous. So, exercise a little patience. Practice making your potential kiss seem like a treat of sorts. You want her to want to kiss you. Jamming your lips in her face and your tongue down her throat is just stupid. So, your first step is to erase all of the visions of kissing you've seen on TV, or in porn out of your memory.
  2. Your eye contact. This is the magnet that pulls her to your lips. Practice making eye contact. Grab your mirror and practice looking deeply at yourself. Yeah, you're getting a quick acting lesson as well. Practice looking at yourself like you really want to be close to, well yourself. Sounds silly, but wait till you have a young lady in front of you. See if you're doubting then. Locking onto her eyes is the best way to pull her in to grab that kiss.
  3. Remember this. Pound this into your brain. When you have your girl in your sights, and a kiss is eminent, allow her to come to you. Get dangerously close and be patient. But, at this point you're practicing kissing alone. So practice remembering this. Set the bait and let her jump into the trap.
  4. Reading her. The perfect kiss for a woman is one that feels totally comfortable to her. You can't be too sloppy. You can't be too rushed. You can't be too forceful. You have to be just right. The thing is, "just right" is different for each woman. This is why you need to let her attack your lips first, so you can gauge just how you should respond. Practice this by letting go of any preconceived notions of just how she'll kiss, because you don't know. Open yourself up to anything. It'll allow you to adapt and respond more naturally.
  5. The tongue thing. It's just like everything else. You want to feed off of what she's giving you. It should feel like a well choreographed dance where she is the lead. There's no real way to practice this. You have to feel what she's doing and respond. It's a lot better than sitting in your room kissing your hand however.
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