How to Prank Call a Chinese Restaurant

 With all due respect to our Asian friends, we’re going to tell you how to prank call a Chinese restaurant today. No offense is intended towards those of Oriental descent. We’ll be prank calling pizza joints and taco stands in the future as well. But today friends, our topic is how to prank call a Chinese restaurant, and for that you will need three things;

  • A telephone – You cannot prank call a Chinese restaurant, or any restaurant for that matter, without a telephone.
  • A stack of Chinese restaurant menus – You will need this for phone numbers and to help get material ideas from the listed menu items. You will want more than on because if you connect with “victims” who hang up abruptly and don’t play along, it’s just no fun. Move on to the next.
  • The ability to keep a straight face – Not that anyone will actually see your face over the phone, but if you break down in hysterical laughter while trying to prank call a Chinese restaurant you’ll miss out on extending your conversation.

Now that the fundamentals of how to prank a Chinese restaurant are out of the way, on to the fun stuff…the pranks!

  1. Menu Inquiry – Ask them what is on their menu or what the daily special is. Then order Fettucini Alfredo, a burritto, or gyro.
  2. The Serenade – When they answer the phone just play the tune “chopsticks” into the receiver.
  3. Cookie Exchange – Call and tell them that the information in your fortune cookies has proven to be inaccurate. You may add that your purchase of said cookie constitutes a binding contract and you demand satisfaction.

These are just a few basic and silly ideas for you to build on. When you prank call a Chinese restaurant you’ll want to add your own sense of humor and wit to make these pranks really crack you up.


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