How To Prepare A Brochure For Job Placement

The art of preparing brochures for job placement is much easier than one may think. Brochures are one of the best marketing tools for any business, particularly in the job placement industry, which can be very competitive to say the least. It promotes without giving too much or too little information about all the services your company offers. Most word processing or desktop publishing software programs have built-in templates (or one can be done from scratch) and can be printed within minutes. While there is no set format to create a brochure, as common sizes are either half or tri-fold or whether they will be used as self-mailers or hand-outs, it is best to place the pertinent information on the first two pages.

  1. Place company logo, name and contact information on first page. If company name does not imply that it deals with job placement, you may want to include a slogan. If you do not have an easy to remember slogan or short mission statement that indicates what your company does along with the selling trait that separates your job placement services from that of the competition (i. e. candidates are thoroughly screened for credit and criminal history).
  2. Add an introductory paragraph on the second page. This can begin with, or include labor statistics, the frustration  that can come with screening prospective employees (without slandering a group of persons or competing job placement services) or go right into sales pitch.
  3. Use graphics or images sparingly. If you can use professional-looking stock photographs instead of comical illustrations, your brochures will have more of a business appeal.
  4. Use humor sparingly and with caution. Do not offend anyone or come across as unprofessional.
  5. Include your company's history toward the end of the brochure. Be sure to mention previous clients as well as awards and other accolades your company has received. 
  6. Close with a paragraph that backs up your guarantee your promise to deliver. Use a hook that may close the sale such as, "100% satisfaction" or "receive one week of free service."

Make sure that fonts are no smaller than nine point and the text is evenly spaced for easy reading. If using brochure as a self-mailer, be certain that the reverse side only has your address and the recipient address is visible along with room for a stamp. If  job placement service is commission based, then allow space for an individual contact stamp or business card.

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