How To Prepare For A Circumcision Operation

Learn how to prepare for a circumcision operation so everything will go smoothly. Having a circumcision is not major surgery. This is a common practice done either when a baby boy is a day old or when he becomes a teenager or adult male. A circumcision is an outpatient operation where the foreskin of the male penis is removed, normally to promote cleanliness.

What you will need:

  • Time off
  • Hair trimmer
  • Antibacterial soap
  1. Schedule an appointment for circumcision. When you make plans to have your circumcision, also plan to take roughly five days off after the procedure. Allow yourself enough healing time before returning to work or sexual activities.

  2. Have a reliable ride to and from the clinic/hospital. Even though it’s normally not necessary to be put to sleep for a circumcision operation, complications can occur with any type of surgical procedure. In any case, you will experience discomfort and pain at the site of the circumcision and more than likely will not be up for driving after it’s over, so prepare to have a ride.

  3. Have sex before circumcision. If sex is something you are accustomed to having on a regular basis, then you may want to have sex right before the surgery. You may need at least four weeks to properly heal from circumcision, so prepare for that.

  4. Properly hygiene is needed the morning of the circumcision. It’s neither necessary nor recommended to shave the pubic hair. You could possibly cut yourself and cause infection. Instead, a couple of days before the procedure, trim the public hair down. Take a shower the morning of the procedure with antibacterial soap to help prevent infection.

After you take all these necessary steps, you will be prepared for your circumcision.

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