How To Prepare For A Colon Massage

A colon massage is one way to help flush out body toxins and below are simple ways on how to prepare for a colon massage. The colon massage process will promote a healthy colon function and good bowel movement. It requires proper hand motion and positioning in order for the colon massage to be effective.

You will need:

  • Bed
  • Towel for draping
  • Lubricants (oil, petroleum jelly, or Vaseline)
  • Proper hand movement and pressure
  1. Preparing for the colon massage. Colon massage may be done either in sitting or lying in bed. However, lying down is the most comfortable position for the person to assume. Colon massage is easy which can be done at home. There are also many professional therapists to do the massage for you. The person should remove their clothes before the colon massage and the body will be properly draped with a blanket or towel, exposing only the area where to do the colon massage at the abdomen.
  2. Proper positioning. The massage is best done lying down with the back against the bed. For the colon massage to be effective, it is vital that the person should be relaxed and comfortable in bed. Others may prefer to have a colon massage in a sitting position such as while sitting in the toilet. Lubricant such as oil or petroleum jelly applied on the abdomen is necessary to ease friction while doing the hand motion for colon massage.
  3. Know the hand position. Colon massage is applied with the fist, using the knuckles to make a small digging, circular motions along the abdomen. The main idea is to massage the area where the colon lies. The length of the colon begins at the right lower quadrant of the abdomen and then up towards the ribcage. It follows a horse shoe shape, so it goes across to the left rib cage going down the left lower quadrant of the abdomen. It is important to extend the massage to the rectal canal which is from the left lower quadrant going diagonally across the groin or the pubic bone. 
  4. The massage process. Start the colon massage at the lower right quadrant of the abdomen located just inside the hip bone or on the area just below the appendix. Massage gently allowing a little pressure. Move your way up under your right cage. Move your hands straight across, then down the left quadrant of your abdomen. Continue to massage while digging deep from the lower left quadrant moving diagonally towards the groin or pubic bone. 
  5. Apply Pressure. It is advisable to apply a little pressure when doing the colon massage. A little pressure will help determine if there is tenderness felt. If so, it is best to talk to your doctor about it. Increase the pressure in your massage in the following days. A circular motion and a little pressure in massaging allow fecal matter to go towards the direction of the colon down to the rectum instead of otherwise. This is important so as not to harm the colon further.
  6. Massage the area below the appendix. Circular motion massages near the appendix strengthens the ileocecal valve, the one way valve that connects small intestines and the colon. A strong ileocecal valve allows a smooth movement or transfer of fecal matter from the small intestine to the colon without interruptions that tend to move it backward. The circular massages also move fecal matter build up in this area. Stagnant fecal matter invites bacteria and inflammation and proper colon massage will help flush them out with proper pressure and hand motion.
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