How To Prepare Enamel For New Coat Of Paint

You'll need to know how to prepare enamel for a new coat of paint when the existing surface becomes dull, worn, scratched and old. Enamel paint provides a hardened surface with an opaque color, usually used on any surface that requires a tough finish.  Any do it yourself type will accomplish this fairly easy, straightforward project with  success.

Supplies needed to prepare enamel for new coat of paint:

  • Degreasing cleanser
  • Ultra fine steel wool
  1. Use a degreasing agent to clean the enamel paint surface. A degreasing dish soap or an automotive degreasing detergent both provide desired results.
  2. Use extra-fine steel wool with the degreasing agent. Do not use a pre-soaped steel wool because it is too abrasive.
  3. Thoroughly clean and scrub the enamel paint surface. Use the steel wool to even out any indentations, bubbles, depressions, chips or nicks in the surface.
  4. Rinse the area well with plain water two to three times to remove all soap residue. Any soap residue left on the surface will interrupt the new enamel paint adhesion and may result in bubbling, cracking, flaking or peeling.
  5. Thoroughly dry the surface before applying a new coat of enamel paint. A wet surface will cause problems such as cracking and lifting.

Purchase enamel in paint stores, hardware stores or home improvement stores. Enamel paints come in many color choices and many application types, from sprays to those that are applied with a roller, brush or sponge. Always take the time to properly prepare enamel surfaces for a new coat of paint.



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