How To Prepare For A Forty Day Fast

Learn how to prepare for a forty day fast by following a few simple guidelines. Whether you are preparing a fast from a certain food or fasting from food all together, these tips would help you. They are essential when trying to accomplish a safe, easy experience. Remember that fasting is not easy, but these tips would make a forty day fast easier and effective.

  1. Consult your doctor before attempting a forty day fast. If you don't already have a doctor, get one. It is best to get some kind of advisory before deciding to change anything in your diet. We always want to know if it is safe before taking the body through a change. If the body is not being taken care of properly, then we become sick. This is a very important step, especially when trying to prepare for a fast as long as forty days.
  2. Learn about fasting. It is always smart to gather as much knowledge on something we may be considering. That way, if we stumble upon an obstacle we would have a better chance at recovery. Also, we could save ourselves from mistakes and runarounds. Take notes on anything that may be of importance to you in your research on preparing for a forty day fast.
  3. Begin a Detox to prepare for a forty day fast. Detoxing the body before the forty day fast would help it to respond better. The body does not like to be shocked. So, detoxing is a sure way to give the body a signal that a change is near. Even though fasting is a form of detoxing in itself, but if we use a detox product before the fast we could combat cravings by cleaning the body. Without the detox phase before the forty day fast, then we would feel really sick hungry and possible constipated once the fast starts.
  4. Stock up on water for a forty day fast. Hydration is important in preparing, during and after the forty day fast. Our bodies could only live a few days without water. Yes, it would be between life and death situation. We have to drink at least half our body weight in ounces of water a day. No matter the excuse, we have to drink water daily. During a fast is when we would need it most. So, do not skip out on water for any reason.
  5. Start the fast slowly. Again, we do not want to shock our bodies. We want an easy, smooth fast. The only way to go into a fast easily is to adjust our bodies to it beforehand. About five days before starting the fast, start day one eating normally. Then, each day after eat closely to how you would if you were on the forty day fast. So, everyday you would be eating a little closer to how the fast would be until it actually starts after the five day adjustment period.



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