How To Prepare For Guys’ Night Out

When trying to figure out how to prepare for guys' night out, it's important to know what kind of night out it will be. Is it a wild bachelor party, or just a typical Friday on the town? Since bachelor parties are on a whole other level, this article will talk about how to prepare for a guys' night out that isn't on quite as big a scale, just friends and fun and maybe a few too many beers, but not anything along the lines of an unplanned trip to Vegas. Here we go; here's how to prepare for guys' night out.

  1. Organize transportation. First and foremost when you prepare for guy's night out, know that you'll probably be drinking, and figuring out safe transportation is a must. Find a designated driver, program some taxi numbers into your cell phones, or maybe even get a van or party bus.
  2. Pick up supplies. Once you've gotten the transportation worked out, picking up supplies for the night is essential. Beer and booze for pre-gaming, cigarettes or cigars if people are into smoking, and anything else you might need should be gotten at the beginning of the evening, because you're not going to make any unnecessary stops along the way.
  3. Plan out some possible destinations for later on. Get together with the guys and figure out some bars, clubs, pubs, and other spots you might want to hit later on. That way, everyone can know how to dress and what the evening has in store.
  4. Start the evening off right. A good way to start the evening off right when you prepare for guys' night out is to begin with food. A good suggestion is a sports bar with hot wings and hot waitresses, cold beer, and plenty of TVs. You can watch the game while you figure out the next destination, and get the party started in earnest.
  5. Don't plan too much. The best guys' night out has an element of spontaneity. When you prepare for guys' night out, be willing to change plans and prepared with the taxi or designated driver at the ready. After all, if you run into a group of girls on their night out, and they're headed to a spot that isn't on your agenda, wouldn't you want to maybe follow along?
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