How To Prepare For Having A Rectal Catheter

To learn how to prepare for having a rectal catheter, you should try to understand how this procedure will benefit you. This can help limit any anxiety you have as you prepare. The purpose of a rectal catheter in most cases is to clean out your rectum and possibly your bowels, as well. A rectal syringe is needed to complete the cleaning procedure if a rectal tube is used, which it generally is during a rectal catheter procedure.

  1. Ask your doctor questions. The best way to prepare is to understand. Be sure to share any concerns or questions you have with your doctor before the date of your rectal catheter appointment.
  2. Undress from the waist down. For the doctor to insert the rectal tube as part of the rectal catheter procedure, your anus will need to be accessible.
  3. Get in position for the rectal catheter. Lie on your side on top of an incontinence sheet. Bend your knees and hug them against your abdomen so the doctor can easily access your rectum and place the rectal catheter.
  4. Understand that the rectal catheter may need to be repeated. The doctor will inset a rectal tube into your anus and inject a saline solution to clean out your rectum and bowels. If the saline solution doesn’t run out clear the first time, the doctor may need to repeat the rectal catheter process a few more times to fully clean out your system.
  5. Sit on the toilet after the rectal catheter is removed. After the procedure is finished, you should try to force out any waste or saline solution that could still be in your system.

There are several different options to clean out your rectum and bowels. You can use an enema at home, or you can simply take laxatives. However, a rectal catheter may need to be performed by a doctor in more serious cases, and you need to be prepared before you go for your appointment.

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