How To Prepare For A Human Papillomavirus Colposcopy Test

Are you wondering how to prepare for a human papillomavirus colposcopy test? If you are, there are several things you need to have done before testing, and they are simple steps that you can complete   in a minimal amount of time.

  1. Advise your doctor if you are taking any medication prior to your human papillomavirus colposcopy test. This information helps your doctor determine if there are any adverse effects. In some cases, your medical provider may advise you not to take any type of medication prior to this procedure. Therefore, make sure your doctor knows in order to make a uniform decision. It is also important to advise your doctor if you are taking any over-the-counter medications as well as nutritional supplement because   sometimes the interaction cause adverse effects.
  2. Notate any allergic reactions to medicines. This is important information for your doctor to have on file so that he may not use those allergic medications during the procedure.
  3. Tell your doctor prior to the colposcopy test whether you have bleeding problems. Inform your provider whether you are using type of blood thinner such as an aspirin regimen or Coumadin.
  4. Inform your doctor of your medical treatment history. Talk to your doctor about any vaginal treatment, cervical or pelvic infection you had in the past.
  5. Take some form of pain reliever to relieve the pain associated with the colposcopy test. Do this at least 30 to 60 minutes before you have the procedure. This helps minimize some of the cramping pains that occurs due to a colposcopy especially if you have a biopsy. Most doctors will advise you what type of pain reliever you should use prior or if not ask your doctor.
  6. Sign all the consent forms necessary. These forms generally include consent form indicating you understand the risk involve and agreeing to have the procedure performed. During the signing if you have not talked to your provider about any concerns, this is a good time to discuss the risk as well as the procedure.

Preparing for the human Papillomavirus Colposcopy Test is not difficult, and when you finish the testing you will find you worry for nothing.

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