How To Prepare For Idaho Elk Hunts

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to prepare for Idaho elk hunts. Preparing for an elk hunt properly will not only increase your chances of getting a great animal, but will also make the trip more enjoyable overall. Be sure to visit the location at which you will be hunting elk ahead of time in order to be aware of any special circumstances.

  1. Get a license for the elk hunt. This is probably the most important step you must take if you are considering hunting elk in Idaho. Consult with the local department of natural resources, and let them know when you will be hunting. Be sure to have a current copy of your driver's license before purchasing your elk license, especially if you are from out of state.
  2. Contact an outfitter. Working with an outfitter is essential when hunting elk in Idaho, especially if you are a beginner. A great outfitter can not only give you an idea of where the elk will be, but can also offer tips on calling, cleaning and transporting elk. Talk to friends who have previously gone elk hunting in Idaho. Chances are, they will be able to refer you to a great outfitting company.
  3. Visit the location of the elk hunt. This is also important when preparing for an elk hunt. Visiting the location will allow you to determine what types of clothes you will need to bring, whether or not any additional elk blinds will be needed, and other specifics such as these.
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