How To Prepare For Marathon Running

If you are new to distance running, learning how to prepare for marathon running will be a big challenge. You will have to spend a lot of time training in order to work up to a 26 mile marathon. Marathon running will push your body to the limit, so start slow and gradually add miles to your workouts once you get used to the pounding. If you have any leg pain after a run, take some time off to heal. Keep a record of your running workouts, and try to go a little further each day.

  1. Stretch your legs and back before you train for marathon running. Double check your running shoes to be certain they are tightly laced. Make sure you have enough calories in your diet to give you the energy you need when distance training. Remember your watch, so you can pace yourself during the run.
  2. If you are used to running a certain distance, add one mile the next time you run. See how you feel once you have covered the extra distance, and keep going if you are able. Do not overdo it as you continue to prepare for marathon running, but do try to push yourself a little harder than you normally do on a run.
  3. Run at least five miles the next time you workout. Even if you have to walk awhile, start getting used to the distance. Depending on how quickly you want to prepare for marathon running, keep adding one mile each training session. Try to run at the same pace for each mile, and use your watch to keep track of the time.
  4. After you are able to handle ten miles, start to add two miles each workout. You still have a long way to go to reach 26 miles, but covering ten miles is a nice achievement. Continue to add miles to each training session, and when you hit the twenty mile mark you are nearly at your goal.
  5. Once you have reached marathon distance, start to work on lowering your time. Marathon running is challenging, but you can always get better. Each time you train, try to lower your mile times by five seconds. Set a goal for your overall time and every time you reach it, set a new one.
  6. Compete in some races for your age group. Running can be boring when you are laboring around the course on your own. A race will help you reduce your time even further. You may just surprise yourself and set a personal record, so give competitive racing a try.
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