How To Prepare A New Jet Ski Battery

Learning how to prepare a new jet ski battery is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Knowing how to prepare a jet ski battery is not something that the everyday jet ski owner will know. Learning how to prepare a new jet ski battery is a fairly simple process and can be completed in about one hours time. When preparing a new jet ski battery if will be necessary to charge the battery for the first time which will require a battery charger.

What you will need:

  • Jet-ski battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Well-ventilated work space
  • Latex gloves
  1. Prepare the work space. Choose a well ventilated work space that is away from flames or sparks. Place the latex gloves on your hands. Turn on an overhead light or choose a naturally well-lit workspace.
  2. Prepare the battery. Place the battery on the table and locate the battery caps on the jet ski battery. Remove the caps from the Jet-ski battery. Attach the ventilation hose that came with the battery per the new jet ski battery instructions.
  3. Fill the jet ski battery. Using the electrolyte liquid that came with the battery, fill the jet ski battery. Insert the hose into one of the caps and begin to slowly fill the battery. Ignore the hissing sound that will be heard as this is normal. Watch the battery liquid level through the clear case of the battery. Fill the battery between the low level and the high level.
  4. Replace the caps. Wait about thirty minutes after filling the battery. Replace the caps on the jet ski battery.
  5. Charge the battery. Charge the jet ski battery using a battery charge. Follow the instructions of the battery manufacturer to charge the new jet ski battery. Always leave the ventilation hose attached when charging and avoid any open flames or sparks near the battery. Once the jet ski battery has charged it is then ready for use.

Tips: Electrolyte mixture for the jet ski battery contains sulfuric acid which is very harmful to human skin. Always use gloves. Batteries vent hydrogen when charging which is highly flammable.

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