How To Prepare For A Night Of Drinking

How to prepare for a night of drinking is much like how you prepare for a marathon. You cannot just expect yourself to go out there and be ready for what is about to happen to your body. Instead, you have to do warm-ups, select suitable clothing and provide your body with the nutrition it needs to get the job done.

  1. Just like with any other activity, you cannot begin drinking without having prepared your body. If you have not had a drink in quite some time and are planning a big night out with the guys, it might be best to drink a little each night for a few nights preceding the big event. This is not to encourage anyone to develop alcoholic tendencies, but to ensure that you will be able to enjoy each part of the evening out with your friends. If not you could end up being "that guy," the one who has no idea how to hold his liquor anymore and has to be sent home before the night even begins.
  2. To prevent any shameful branding, one must also select the proper attire. Be sure to look and smell great, but comfort cannot be overlooked. If you are planning for a serious night out then it is not only imperative that you look your best, but also that you feel your best.  Feeling great is all a part of having a great time so plan accordingly.
  3. Finally; hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. There is nothing as important as water and food before heading out for an evening. Going out on an empty stomach is the foundation for a disaster so make sure you eat a meal and drink some water before throwing back shots. Alcohol dehydrates you and without food you are more likely to blackout or get sick. Neither of these are the goal for the night, you want to make sure that you can last the whole night and not completely regret your actions in the morning.

Now you are ready for the wild nightlife scene. Follow these three easy steps and you are sure to have a night that you will actually remember and be able to get through without landing face first on the floor.

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