How To Prepare For Owning A Cat

Determining how to prepare for owning a cat is an important step in welcoming a new cat into your household. Being as prepared as possible for your new cat's arrival will help to ensure a smooth transition into your household for your new pet.

  1. Stock up on necessary supplies. To prepare for owning a cat, make sure you have the basic necessities on hand before bringing your new cat home. Some of the things you'll likely need are cat food, a litter box with litter, toys, a bed or blanket for your cat to sleep on, and a scratching post, if your cat has claws.
  2. “Cat proof” your house. Just as you might do when preparing for a baby, you need to similarly “cat proof” a house to prepare for a new cat. This can include tasks such as relocating house plants, particularly toxic ones, that your new cat may get into, or minimizing the amount of electrical appliance cords laying around, that a cat (particularly a kitten) may be inclined to chew on or try to play with.
  3. Prepare a specific area for your cat. It can initially be overwhelming for a cat when introduced to a new home. To prepare for owning a cat, you can help your cat become accustomed to its new surroundings more easily by designating a specific, quiet area of your house for your new cat, with all of the essential items that your cat may need, such as its food and water dishes, litter box and bed. Your cat can stay in its special area as long as it wants to, and venture out into other parts of the house once it feels ready. This also gives your cat a safe place to retreat to if it's feeling frightened or anxious.
  4. Make sure everyone involved is well informed. If you're the only one in your household, you can prepare for owning a cat by simply educating yourself on what to expect in relation to your cat's breed or age. If there are other members in your household, particularly children, make sure they understand what to expect as well as how to treat your new cat.
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