How To Prepare For A Prostate Cancer Biopsy

It is important that you consider how to prepare for a prostate cancer biopsy to assist in the procedure, protect yourself from complications, and ensure high quality results. When initial cancer screening through a Digital Rectal Exam or Prostate Specific Antigen Test prove a likelihood of prostate cancer, your doctor will proceed with a prostate biopsy to evaluate cell abnormalities in the prostate gland. Also called a core needle biopsy, a prostate cancer biopsy is performed by a urologist who inserts a thin needle into the prostate glad to remove tissue samples for analysis. To make the procedure as painless and successful as possible, follow these steps to prepare for a prostate cancer biopsy.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare for a prostate cancer biopsy:

  • Stop taking blood thinning medications
  • Stop taking supplements
  • Perform a cleaning enema
  • Take antibiotics to prevent infection

Follow these steps to prepare for a prostate cancer biopsy:

  1. Stop taking pain medications. To help you cope with prostate cancer back and bone pain, you may be taking over-the-counter or prescription medications. To adequately prepare your body for the prostate cancer biopsy, seven days before the procedure, stop taking medications that may lead to increased risk of bleeding. Avoid all the following medications: warfarin (Coumadin), non-steroidal anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen found in Advil and Motrin, analgesics like aspirin or Tylenol. Ask your doctor to prescribe alternative pain management during the week of preparation for your prostate cancer biopsy.
  2. Stop taking herbal supplements. Various herbal supplements may affect the tissue samples from your prostate gland. To avoid unexpected anomalies, prepare your body for the cancer biopsy by discontinuing consumption of herbal supplements seven days prior to the procedure.
  3. Perform a cleansing enema. To help remove pressure from your prostate gland in preparation for the cancer biopsy, perform a cleansing enema at home. You’ll find enema cleaning kits at your local pharmacy. Within a few minutes of squirting the enema solution through the anus, a bowl movement will proceed, which will remove waste from your lower intestines and simplify access to your prostate gland during the cancer biopsy.
  4. Take antibiotics prior to your procedure. In preparation for your prostate cancer biopsy, your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for the prevention of infection resulting from the procedure. Be sure to take your antibiotics one hour before the biopsy commences.
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