How To Prepare For A Scrotal Ultrasound

Scrotal ultrasounds are often used to diagnose complications that can arise in the scrotum, so it is important for men to learn how to prepare for a scrotal ultrasound. Ultrasounds are a form of imaging technology that is used to scan the body to give physicians an image to use to properly diagnose conditions. Often, a scrotal ultrasound is used to determine masses in the scrotum or to find the underlying cause of pain in the area. While a scrotal ultrasound is a diagnostic tool, there are no special physical preparation requirements needed prior to a scrotal ultrasound. However, there are certain steps you should use for consultation prior to the ultrasound.

Things you'll need:

  • To wear loose, comfortable clothing
  1. Prior to a scrotal ultrasound, you should consult with your physician. In order to prepare for a scrotal ultrasound, discuss with your physician any symptoms or complications you may be having in the scrotal region. Discuss any injuries that may have occurred and any medications you may be using. Share your concerns and questions with your physician prior to the scrotal ultrasound.
  2. The main aspect needed in order to prepare for a scrotal ultrasound is to ensure you are comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose. This will allow the ultrasound technician to have easier access to the area. In some cases, you will be asked to remove your clothing and to wear a gown during the procedure. By wearing loose clothing, you will be able to change into the gown with ease. Do not wear any jewelry to the ultrasound appointment.

To prepare for a scrotal ultrasound, it is important to know what to expect during the procedure. You will be asked to lie on an examination table where a water-based gel will be applied to the scrotum. A small ultrasound wand will be passed over the area to produce the images. The gel is needed to allow the wand to move freely without causing any discomfort. The examination typically takes around half an hour.

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