How To Prepare For Sex

Knowing properly how to prepare for sex will lead to a more enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.  The act of lovemaking should be a rewarding, enjoyable and—hopefully—memorable experience. Preparing yourself the right way by following a few simple tips will make sure that you both leave the bedroom happy.

  1. Hygiene. During sex, your body is going to be completely and entirely exposed to your partner … she may perhaps have her mouth on every square inch of you. In light of this, so that you don’t completely turn her off, make sure you enter the bedroom clean, smelling good, and fully scrubbed. There’s not much more of turn off for her than venturing into your nether regions only to be repulsed by foul smell. To prepare for sex—if you want her to do all the things you want her to do—make sure your hygiene is perfect.  You owe it to her.
  2. Stamina. In preparing for sex, it is important to keep in mind how well you will perform, and in large part that means how long and hard you can go. Women like a man who can take care of them for extended periods.  This preparation point is not something you can do on the day of your rendezvous, but something that needs to be an ongoing part of your daily routines.  Keeping yourself in good cardiovascular shape is a great way to prepare for sex … and to ensure you’ll keep your partner coming back for more.
  3. Visualize what you’re going to do. Creativity is an important part of being a successful sex partner—simply rolling on top of your girlfriend, pounding away for a few minutes and then going to sleep is not going to cut it. You want to differentiate yourself from other guys by being creative and inventive.  This is something that you can just ad lib, of course, but it helps when you prepare for sex to think about all the different ways you want to please your partner.  You can even plan a little agenda out ahead of time, knowing just what you want to do when and for how long.  This will help ensure you keep it new, fresh, and exciting.
  4. Environment.  Setting a comfortable environment is key to preparing for sex and ensuring a satisfying experience.  Ambiance is very important for the proper sexual mood and it’s up to you to make sure the lighting, temperature, bedding, and even music (Barry white is a popular choice) are going to keep her in the mood.  Trying to get busy in the back of a car, a frigid bedroom, or a smelly dorm is not going to be met with agreeability from your partner.
  5. Post-coitus planning.  Guys are infamous for becoming disinterested immediately after finishing the act, but one way to ensure that she won’t be back for more is to become a jerk as soon as you’ve gotten your rocks off.  Recognizing this may happen, plan for what you can do as soon as you’re done with the act—maybe keep a book of poetry bedside that you two can read together, have her favorite ice cream in the freezer, or have a few topics of conversation ready. Plan ahead so you don’t just roll over and fall asleep!
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