How To Prepare For Skin Moles Removal

If your doctor has become concerned about a mole and wants to remove it, knowing how to prepare for skin moles removal is important. There are things you can do at home before treatment to ensure that your skin moles removal goes smoothly. 

To prepare for skin mole removal you will need:

  • soap and water
  • a soft bandage, if needed
  • pen and paper
  • someone to drive you to the appointment, if necessary

To properly prepare for skin moles removal:

  1. Make sure that the area where the mole is to be removed is clean. Using soap and water should be sufficient. Don't scrub the area, as that can damage the skin. Make sure that there is no make-up, cream or any other substance on the area where the mole will be removed.
  2. If the mole is bleeding or causing pain, cover with a soft bandage for comfort. Make sure that the bandage is sterile. Do not use any ointments or creams on the area where the skin mole will be removed.
  3. Make a list of any medications that you are currently taking. You doctor will need to know so that he or she can ensure that there are no contraindications to mole removal. Also be sure to list any vitamin supplements.
  4. Also make a list of any questions you have for the doctor about skin mole removal. Your time with your doctor will probably be limited, so, it helps to have your questions written down in advance. Be sure to ask any questions about aftercare, so you can keep up with proper treatment once you get home. You should also ask your doctor how you can prevent further moles from forming in the future.
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