How To Prepare For Spring Break

To enjoy one of the grandest college traditions, you have to know how to prepare for spring break. Whether you are planning on travelling across the world or staying close to home, the trip definitely takes some preparation. Following a few simple steps will help to cut down on disasters and ensure that you have one of the most memorable spring breaks ever. Even if the only way you remember it is through the pictures that others tag you in on Facebook.

  1. Get your body beach ready. Winter is no one's friend, sitting around in multiple layers it is difficult to gauge what your body is doing underneath. Most likely, it is expanding. In winter the poor eating decisions that come with college are amplified. Now, everybody loves a curvy body, but nobody wants to see rolls on the beach. Hit the gym, change your eating habits and practice strutting your stuff in your beach gear. The more confident you are in your skin, the more fun you will have in the sun.
  2. Go tanning. Nothing ruins spring break like a sunburn. For those who are melanin challenged it is a good idea to go tanning before going on vacation. Having the base will help make sure that you do not sunburn during those long days at the beach and will help get you into the spring break mood. The idea is to get your skin ready, do not go tanning crazy unless you are planning to vacation in Jersey Shore.
  3. Do some research. Before you go on spring break make sure you know a little bit about the area you will be in. Lots of spring breakers take vacations that include an all-inclusive package. These packages give you a list of places to go and must-sees. Without this package, it is easy to get lost. Look online before you go. Make sure you know which bars, clubs, restaurants and other spots are tourist family. Not only will this keep you out of trouble, it will also ensure that your surrounded by other crazy college students who are looking to have a good time. 
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